Trends in jewelry March 2019.

Minimalists and with astrological motives, that’s how the jewels are worn.

On the motives of astrology and in a minimal key, this is how the jewels will be trending during the coming seasons. Keys to choose the perfect complement and radiate own light.

Jewelry and costume jewelery are always trends. Special pieces that, in addition to being ornamental elements that play the role of perfect complement, often acquire an emotional meaning. At the Madrid Joya fair, experts in the sector reveal the reasons and materials that have been making a big impact in the world of jewelery and costume jewelery.

A “firmament” of gold and stones in full color
The use of forms that resort to astrological elements such as moons and stars has always been present on a recurring basis, but during the last years it has taken on the absolute prominence in jewelery.

From Cosar Silver Jewelery, product manager Alexandra Caballé points out how pieces with this type of shapes are becoming a popular trend that is renewed under different colors and materials each new season. “Jewelry with amulet symbols is the trend of the moment, it has left the shells out of the picture,” said Caballé, referring to the trend last summer that included shells and marine motifs in jewelry.

Regarding the rhinestones, he pointed out the “strong presence in the coming seasons of the multicolored zirconia” that will stand out on necklaces and necklaces.

Minimalism shines brightly on spiritual motives
Gone are the times of great baroque jewels. Simple and basic pieces are in fashion. Small pieces that rescue motifs of the “New Age”, current so popular in the year 2000 that plays with the symbolism of elements of religions or spirituality. “Buddhist symbols, crosses and religious icons are very popular,” said Zulay Vajda of Panna Jewelers.

“During the last seasons, we have realized that people return to spiritual motives, opting for icons that represent good energies”, points to Muriel dal Bo, from Panna.

Regarding forms, the trend of minimalism and simplicity, “In Spain the sober is valued against baroque and ornate elements, which are more popular in countries like Italy,” remarked Vajda.

The jewels, better personalized
For some years the stream of personalization was introduced in fashion. Brands of complements and clothes of all kinds opted to stand out among their competitors by means of differentiation, offering consumers a customized version of their tastes, personality, name or even profession.

En el campo de la joyería, esta tendencia también está de moda, y así lo confirma Sonia Sánchez, diseñadora de la marca Promojoya. “Durante años, en la marca de joyería personalizada, el cliente busca obtener una pieza adaptada exclusivamente a ella”.

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