Do you like big earrings? Indulge yourself. Fashion tendency in the Spring-Summer 2018

Big earrings is the fashion tendency this Spring-Summer 2018. Made from diverse materials, such as semi-precious stones, leather, feathers, among others.  The fans of these type of earrings are enchanted by the fashion tendency. But it is important to take into account how to combine them with you outfits.

Combine your outfits with big earrings

Earrings are very important when you want to highlight your look, but to take advantage of them, take into account the following when choosing your clothing items:

If you are tall and thin you could combine them with turtle necks

If you use solid colors when you dress, either the dress for the office or dress pants you could use earrings with a contrast of colors.

For casual clothing, you could use your earrings with shine and gold.

Remember, age is not an limitation to use these type of earrings, the important thing is to take the best advantage possible of them..

Select the earrings according to the form of your face

Other tips that you should take into account when choosing the earrings is the shape of your face, so according to the shape you should know which earrings to use. Remember that you should identify the form of your face and use one with the opposed form to yours.

  • Oval: this type of face can use any model of earrings
  • Square: the ring earrings look very good on you
  • Heart or inverted triangle: use pyramid type earrings
  • Round: long earrings, will help you stylize your face.

In relation to the tone of your skin, if it is warm tone use gold color and cold tone use silver color.

You can have your hair up or down. If you decide on a low pony tail, high pony tail, and loose waves. Visit us and choose among our various models of earrings. We are waiting for you.

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