Wish list for 2018: How to do it? , why do it?

It’s time to dream and bet on everything you wanted to have throughout the year, of course, with the proper awareness that possibly you won’t have a boyfriend like Ryan Gosling, a mansion like those of the Kardashians, the beauty of Demi-Leigh Nel-Petersred, or being a millionaire. Being realistic on the wish list is very important, what do you like most and what do you need?


It is good to have a well-thought-out list of what we want. We give you a great idea to make your list. Divide your wishes into 5 parts.


1) Abstract things as values, in what you would like to work to be a more friendly or patient person, give more love, be more sociable, etc.

2) Things to do. Travel and eat, look for inspiration on the internet … what sites you can visit this year, search even flights, travel packages to see if it is really achievable

3) Material things of high value. For example a new car, change of house, appliances, a bicycle, etc. Before saying “I want” ask yourself “do I need it?”

4) Material things for you. New clothes, accessories, a book. Simple things that you want to buy for yourself and enjoy them. Visit the official sites of your favorite brands, choose the pieces that you know you will really use and start by pointing to the smallest detail.


Having this draft, it is best to discard the wishes according to your preference. Leave a list of 10 to 20 wishes.


The more specific and realistic you make them, the better. Do not throw it away, save it on your computer or write it by hand in a safe place. Try to make at least 1 wish per month.


The advantage of doing this is that you really think about what you want and need in your life … why haven’t you done it before? with whom can you share that experience? What happens if you fulfill a certain desire?


Everything depends on you. Come on, you can!



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