Hairstyle ideas you should consider to try on 2018

Get ready to wear very chic hair in 2018.


Women are very daring and love challenges. However, one of the things that not all women dare is to play with our hair. Of course we can do it! Because we are innovative and sure of ourselves … but when it comes to choosing a new hair color or cut it, we think the idea more than twice.. or not?


Well here I share with you guys two of great hair trends that you actually can try in order to look stunning this year.


Pixie Style


Not all of us dare to make such radical changes in the image. But the truth is that those that incorporate this type of styling, will benefit from a sophisticated and very sexy look.

Very long hair

photo: Kim´s Instagram

This Rapunzel style is definitely a type of hair that is not for everyone. First because not all of us grow our hair in this way and especially that it looks bright and healthy. But it can be easily achieved by clipping in a set of extensions. So if you would like to look as a beautiful mermaid or Cher in the 70’s you should try this!


What do you think of these styles? Dare yourself.



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